Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Oh yes it's Ladies Night...."

The Lodge held it's somewhat annual "Ladies at the Table" dinner on 04/10/10. This is an event which usually takes place around Valentine's Day, but due to a somewhat hectic schedule needed to be pushed up a bit. This year's dinner was a bit smaller than usual at 36 in attendance. Previous years topped out at around 70. Initially I was a bit disappointed, but after the dinner was over, I actually think the smaller group was a bit more intimate and, quite honestly, more manageable.

"Ladies at the Table" was based on a table lodge written by Br. William Richards, Past Master of Webster Lodge #61 in Winooski, Vermont. More information from his Short Talk Bulletin can be found here. The ceremony has been published in book form by the Grand Lodge of Vermont and is available through them. The ceremony as written is a very nice program utilizing a Masonic table lodge format. There are a series of toasts made in honor of preselected ladies.

I took that ceremony and adapted it a bit. In lieu of honoring specific ladies, each of the seven toasts are made to the several ladies in our lives - our mothers, wifes, widows, daughters, etc. The ceremony also includes each lady being presented with a rose or carnation. The ladies and widows of Lodge #252 dine free of charge and the rest pay a nominal fee. The dinner is broken up into 6 removes or courses - and they are brought out between toasts. This year we chose a cruise theme (the pic above is our dining room decked out for the occassion) and our menu, prepared by RW Bro. Bruce Kenney, was a selection of samples from around the world (Greece, Germany, Italy, England and Ireland). The Brothers serve, steward the wine, clear the tables and clean up - our ladies get to sit back and relax.

In honor of all our ladies - who support us in our several stations in our labors for the Craft - thank you!

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