Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Watch yourself, the task is hard"

This was too good not to share. I am a member of the Masonic web-forum "The Sanctum Sanctorum" - a treasure trove of information. This exerpt was a web posting by a Brother in response to the topic "The Purpose of the Journey."

Working in stone is no easy task.

It takes years upon years of careful study and practice to develop the skill necessary to put chisel to stone and learn to chip away the flaws and imperfections which reveal the wondrous work of art within. During this time of practice, the apprentice will wear his hands to the bone, the delicate skin giving way to painful blisters, that in time will form the callouses possessed by Masters.

Many times he will contemplate the meaning of his toil. "Is all this agony really worth it?", he may ask. At times he'll miss his mark and whack his hand and cry out in pain, "Enough!", as he throws his tools across the room. He does not toil alone in his endeavors. No, he is always under the care of the watchful eye of the Master. When his tools go flying, the blood pours from his hand, the thought of giving up enters his mind, this is when he learns of the patient love of the Master. He binds the apprentices hand to stop the bleeding, picks up his tools, and says "Rest, I'll show you how its done". Then the Master approaches the stone and works the tools with a patient grace delicately removing every unwanted flaw and imperfection.

Upon the stone, the once hard and lifeless surface, the delicate features emerge. It is but an eye, the apprentice's eye, perfect in shape and form.The Master returns the tools to the apprentice, with a loving smile and says, "Watch yourself, the task is hard". With a caring nod of approval, he sets the apprentice back to work.

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