Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dinner Lecture 03/21/12

Bro. Backhaus (L) & Bro. Di Natale (R)
The 309 Society held its 4th Dinner Lecture on 03/21/12 at the Great Valley Masonic Temple in Great Valley, New York. The evening was a testament to brotherhood.

Our featured speaker of the evening was supposed to be WBro. Andrew Hammer, author of "Observing the Craft."  Plane tickets were purchased, hotel reservations made, food purchased and reservations received.  Like all best laid plans - this one had a twist.  WBro. Hammer was forced to cancel at the last minute due to illness. Bro. John Backhaus, being the stalwart coordinator that he is, worked together with Bro. Daniel Di Natale of Harmonie Lodge #699 in Buffalo to ensure that the evening would go on as planned.  Bro. Di Natale offered an  interesting lecture that brought together elements of the work of MWBro. Dwight Smith, the Knights of the North and the work of WBro. Andrew Hammer.  The subject was a need for an examination of the state of the Craft and a return to our traditional missions and objectives. 

The gathering had representatives from two different states.  There were two Pennsylvania Districts and three New York Districts represented.  After the lecture, the Brethren had the opportunity to sit together and share a meal along with stimulating conversation.

The Society wishes to thank Bro. Di Natale for stepping in and helping to ensure the success of the evening.  Stay tuned - the next lecture will be held in the Fall of 2012.

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